Free Appraisals and Written Appraisals

Free Appraisal
I am happy to provide a free verbal appraisal of your business and advice on the methodology of determining the current market value. To prepare for either a meeting or telephone discussion regarding the value of the business the following steps need to be taken: Gather together some essential documentation about the business, e.g.:

  • Profit and loss statements for the past three years
  • BAS statements for the last four quarters
  • A copy of any lease related documents
  • A schedule of current employees including names, roles, hours, wages and commencement dates
  • Complete list of all plant and equipment
  • Approximate value of any WIP (only if applicable to your business)

Once you have collected this information you may phone us directly or complete the appraisal form below.

You will soon be contacted by us to have a confidential consultation in regards to your business or to arrange a face to face meeting if required.

Written Appraisals
We offer thorough written appraisals for the purpose of succession planning, stamp duty assessments, partnership buy in or buy out, incorporation etc. These written appraisals comprise of an in depth analysis of the financials of the business, SWOT analysis and comparison to recent sales in Qld. The charge of these appraisals are based on a sliding scale and is relative to the size of the business in question. Our written appraisals are completed within five business days following the receipt of all necessary documentation and information.  

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