Secure the Best Deal with our Business Brokers in Capalaba

You have undoubtedly worked tirelessly on building your company from the ground up. You’ve invested countless years of your life and poured your blood, sweat and tears into every minute of it. When it comes to selling this huge piece of your life, you want to absolutely make certain that you are getting back everything you put into it, and then some. Regardless of your reason for selling, this is not a process you want to rush, or risk sabotaging by going in blind. Our business brokers operating in Capalaba have the industry knowledge and the expertise to conduct highly accurate valuations to ensure you get the price you deserve. Assisting in both the buying and selling of businesses, our professionals are well versed in the intricacies, paperwork and legislations involved and can mark an ordinarily stressful time, pain-free.

Catering to businesses in every industry

Our brokers have extensive experience assisting businesses in Capalaba from a variety of different industries. Whether a restaurant, law firm, café, retail franchise or any other number of business types, we have been involved in them all. We understand the most effective marketing methods to align with the specific needs of each market type and can leverage your business to prospective buyers who you might not have had access to otherwise. We can even serve as an intermediary between you and your purchaser/seller, to negotiate, relay information and agree on terms. You can be as removed or as involved as you like and allow our brokers to serve as your representation throughout the entire process.

Find out what your company is worth

Having an informed idea of exactly what your business is worth will prove an invaluable bartering card in any negotiations with prospective buyers. By presenting them with a detailed valuation, provided by our brokers, you will then be in a position to state your final price and know you are getting what your business is actually worth.

We’re just a phone call away

Our business brokers don’t just operate within Capalaba and can also assist those in Zillmere, Murarrie, Eagle Farm and Acacia Ridge. If you would like to book an obligation free consultation to discuss your needs, our professionals would be happy to help. Contact us today on 07 3398 8140.